Updated: December 22nd, 2016                            Being somewhat inactive at the moment


I am Gwiniel and this is my fan page of mmorpg Allods Online where I shall post guides of my own and made by others, if permission is granted. I played the US Tensess server when Allods Online was under gPotato and now that the game is under My.com, an affiliated firm of mail.ru for rest of the world, I play the free-to-play server New Frontier and you may see me in game as Gwiniel or in some of my many reincarnations.


Guide Index on the left side bar is meant for New Frontier server and has all guides I've managed to put together.


Here is the link for EN homepage of the game: Allods Online


Current patch: 8.0.0: Immortality (December 22nd, 2016)



Warning: Some guides became more or less useless in patch 8.0.0.



There are 2 servers and here are some basic facts about them:


New Frontier - free-to-play


- basic game play and leveling PVE content 100% free

- end-game and PVP experience are difficult for new players without lots of cash or months of gold grinding 

- has Item Shop (cash shop for goods bought with real money)

- Item Shop goods affect significantly to your character's power with items such as Runes, extra Rubies and Talent points, Patronage level 5, extra Earring slot, Battle Mounts, Ship equipment, Trinkets, Battle Armors and Speck of Lights.

- either needs thousands of € / $ or years of in-game gold grinding to catch up older players

- has better population than subs. server

- has more vanity and mounts

- has mercenaries (npc fighters you can hire with gold to help, for example in Astral Allod)



Smuggler's Paradise - subscription (monthly fee)


- costs 10 €/month (21€/ 3 months)

- all aspects of the game are equal to all players

- no Item Shop, no character boosting

- trading is done with gold only, thus requires some amount of grinding

- has some guilds, end-game activity and PVP content

- has much lower population than f2p server

- vanity and mounts are either bought with gold, given as quest reward or paid with Anniversary Coins that drop from killing monsters (doesn't have all vanity or mounts available that f2p server has)

- has mercenaries (npc fighters you can hire with gold to help, for example in Astral Allod)



I recommend keeping in mind that with each patch the in-game information changes and guides can become outdated. Functions, npc characters, npcs’ names and locations can change without further notice.